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Dynamic fields and waves
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The Restless universe

Describing motion

Predicting motion

Classical physics of matter

Static fields and potentials

» Dynamic fields and waves

Quantum physics: an introduction

Quantum physics of matter

Dynamic fields and waves
A. Norton
ISBN 0-7503-0721-8
S207 Book 8

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Dynamic fields and waves concerns the unification of electricity, magnetism and light.
The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is desribed and shown to underpin everyday technology from electricity generation to radio reception. Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism is then introduced along with the electromagnetic spectrum, and the physics of light and sound waves are explored in detail. Reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference of waves are explained and the principles behind optical instruments such as microscopes, telescopes, cameras and the human eye are investigated.
Finally light is shown to be the key to understanding Einstein's special theory of relativity, including time dilation and length contraction.

Dynamic fields and waves is in a series of books which along with the interactive multimedia, is used in the Open University course The Physical World. Each book combines richly illustrated text with questions (and answers) for self-assesment, and is ideally suited for students working independently.


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