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Quantum physics: an introduction
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» Quantum physics: an introduction

Quantum physics of matter

Quantum physics: an introduction
J. Manners
ISBN 0-7503-0720-X
S207 Book 7

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Quantum physics: an introduction discusses the quantum revolution, beginning with a description of five problems which, at the end of the nineteenth century, were found to be intractable from the viewpoint of classical physics. A discussion of the resolution of these problems, through the introduction of the concept of a quantum of energy, launches our exploration of quantum physics. The principles of quantum mechanics are discussed, based on Schrödinger's wave mechanics, and these are applied to particlesin some simple situations and to the quantum physics of atoms. We also look at the 'shape' of a hydrogen atom and the origins of complicated atom spectra. There is a concluding discussion of the interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Quantum physics: an introduction is in a series of books which along with interactive multimedia, is used in the Open University course The Physical World. Each book combines richly illustrated text with questions (and answers) for self-assesment, and is ideally suited for students working independently.


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