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Static fields and potentials
Titles in the Physical World series

The Restless universe

Describing motion

Predicting motion

Classical physics of matter

» Static fields and potentials

Dynamic fields and waves

Quantum physics: an introduction

Quantum physics of matter

J. Manners
ISBN 0-7503-0718-8
S207 Book 5

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Static fields and poetentials begins by looking at the general ideas of fields with particular attention to gravitational and electrical fields which provide examples of vector fields, and gravitational and electrical potential which are scalar fields. The relationships between fields, forces, potentials and potential energies are then discussed. The book also covers electric currents, simple circuits, magnetic fields and their generation, the Lorentz force law and the behaviour of charged particles in magnetic and electric fields. A wide variety of relevantnatural phenomena and technical applications are included, for example, liquid crystal displays, thunderstorms, stellar evolution, resistance sensors, cyclotrons and the aurora.

Static fields and poetentials is in a series of books which along with the interactive multimedia, is used in the Open University course The Physical World. Each book combines richly illustrated text with questions (and answers) for self-assesment, and is ideally suited for students working independently.


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