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The Restless universe
Introduction to The restless Universe

1 The lawful Universe

2 The clockwork Universe

3 The irreversible Universe

4 The intangible Universe

5 The uncertain Universe

An introuduction to The uncertain Universe 1/2

An introuduction to The uncertain Universe 2/2

5.1 Quantum mechanics and chance 1/3

5.1 Quantum mechanics and chance 2/3

5.1 Quantum mechanics and chance 3/3

5.2 Quantum fields and unification 1/3

5.2 Quantum fields and unification 2/3

5.2 Quantum fields and unification 3/3

5.3 The end of physics 1/1

6 Closing items

6.1 Chapter summary 1/1

» 6.2 Achievements 1/1

6.3 End-of-chapter questions 1/1


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6 Closing items

6.2 Achievements

Part 1 of 1

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Now that you have completed this chapter, you should be able to:

A1. Explain the meaning of all the newly defined (emboldened) terms introduced in this chapter.

A2. Explain what is meant by a physical world-view and describe some of the major world-views that have emerged during the evolution of physics.

A3. Describe some of the major concepts of physics, give brief biographical sketches of some of the major contributors to the development of physics and name some of the major events that have helped to shape the subject.

A4. Comment on some of the philosophical issues that are raised by the study of physics. After using the multimedia package, you should also be able to:

A5. Install and run the multimedia package, and carry out the actions required by it.

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