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The Restless universe
Introduction to The restless Universe

1 The lawful Universe

2 The clockwork Universe

3 The irreversible Universe

4 The intangible Universe

5 The uncertain Universe

An introuduction to The uncertain Universe 1/2

An introuduction to The uncertain Universe 2/2

5.1 Quantum mechanics and chance 1/3

5.1 Quantum mechanics and chance 2/3

5.1 Quantum mechanics and chance 3/3

5.2 Quantum fields and unification 1/3

5.2 Quantum fields and unification 2/3

5.2 Quantum fields and unification 3/3

5.3 The end of physics 1/1

6 Closing items

6.1 Chapter summary 1/1

6.2 Achievements 1/1

» 6.3 End-of-chapter questions 1/1


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6 Closing items

6.3 End-of-chapter questions

Part 1 of 1

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Question 1.8
Express the following numbers using scientific (powers of ten) notation: (a) 2.1 million, (b) 36 000, (c) 1/10, (d) 0.000 05.

Question 1.9
List the major revolutions in physics that have occurred since 1650. Describe each in one or two sentences, giving only enough detail to distinguish it from the others.

Question 1.10
Describe the concept of a field. Briefly outline the history of this concept from the time of Faraday to the present day.

Question 1.11
Briefly describe the opposition that exists between reductionism and emergence.

Question 1.12
On the basis of dates of birth and death alone, which of the following pairs of physicists might have been able to meet for a discussion about their scientific discoveries?
(a) Galileo and Newton

(b) Newton and Laplace

(c) Laplace and Coulomb

(d) Coulomb and Faraday

(e) Faraday and Maxwell

(f) Maxwell and Einstein

(g) Einstein and Bohr

(h) Bohr and Heisenberg

(i) Heisenberg and Dirac


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