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The Restless universe
Introduction to The restless Universe

1 The lawful Universe

2 The clockwork Universe

3 The irreversible Universe

4 The intangible Universe

5 The uncertain Universe

6 Closing items


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Describing motion

Predicting motion

Classical physics of matter

Static fields and potentials

Dynamic fields and waves

Quantum physics: an introduction

Quantum physics of matter


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Fig. 0.1
COBE - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the COBE Science Working Group;
COMA cluster of galaxies - NASA & AURA/STSc1;
The Spiral Galaxy M83 - Anglo-Australian Observatory, Photograph by David Malin;
The Earth's Atmosphere - NASA;
Landsat photo of the Wash - Science Photo Library; Whole body picture of A. Einstein - Rijksmuseum;
Integrated circuit - Science Photo Library;
Ring of 48 Iron atoms - Courtesy of Don Eigler, IBM Research Division;
Subatomic particle tracks - CERN/Science Photo Library.
Fig. 0.2 Courtesy of Dana Berry.
Fig. 1.1 Mansell/TimeInc./Katz;
Fig 1.2
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Fig. 1.12a J. M. Petit Publibphoto Diffusion Science Photo Library;
Fig. 1.13 Science Museum/Science & Society Picture Library;
Fig. 1.15 Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holder. The publisher will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements at the first opportunity;
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Fig. 1.31 Portrait
by Michael Noakes, St John's College Cambridge;
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Fig. 1.32b CERN;
Fig. 1.34 Courtesy of the Archives California Institute of Technology.


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