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The Restless universe
Introduction to The restless Universe

1 The lawful Universe

2 The clockwork Universe

3 The irreversible Universe

4 The intangible Universe

5 The uncertain Universe

6 Closing items


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Describing motion

Predicting motion

Classical physics of matter

Static fields and potentials

Dynamic fields and waves

Quantum physics: an introduction

Quantum physics of matter

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Titles in the Physical World series
Entrance: Welcome to The Physical World

Title 1: Classical Physics of Matter

Title 2: Describing motion

Title 3: Dynamic fields and waves

Title 4: Predicting motion
Title 5: Quantum physics: an introductionTitle 6: Quantum physics of matter
Title 7: Static fields and potentialsTitle 8: The restless Universe

The restless Universe content
General ContentMain Content
credits1 The lawful Universe
Introduction1.1 Science and regularity
Acknowledgements1.2 Mathematics and quantification

Suggestions for further reading

2 The clockwork Universe

A note on powers of ten and significant figures

2.1 Mechanics and determinism
Advanced Search and search tips2.2 Energy and conservation

Some highlights of physics

3 The irreversible Universe
index3.1 Thermodynamics and entropy


3.2 Equilibrium and irreversibility
- Answer and comments 1.14 The intangible Universe

- Answer and comments 1.2

4.1 Electromagnetism and fields (in 4 parts)
- Answer and comments 1.34.2 Relativity, space, time and gravity (in 4 parts)
- Answer and comments 1.45 The uncertain Universe
- Answer and comments 1.5An introuduction to The uncertain Universe (in 2 parts)
- Answer and comments 1.65.1 Quantum mechanics and chance (in 3 parts)
- Answer and comments 1.75.2 Quantum fields and unification (in 3 parts)
- Answer and comments 1.85.3 The end of physics (1 part)
- Answer and comments 1.96 Closing items
- Answer and comments 1.106.1 Chapter summary (1 part)
- Answer and comments 1.116.2 Achievements (1 part)
- Answer and comments 1.126.3 End-of-chapter questions (1 part)

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Featured Physicists

The lawful UniverseNewton 1642-1727

The clockwork Universe

Ludwig Boltzmann 1844-1906

The irreversible Universe

Michael Faraday 1791-1867
The intangible UniverseJames Clerk Maxwell 1831-1879
The uncertain UniverseAlbert Einstein 1879-1955
Closing itemsPaul Dirac 1902-1984
Featured PhysicistsRichard P.Feynman 1918-1988

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A note on powers of ten and significant figures

Some highlights of physics

Featured Physicists

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