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The Restless universe
Introduction to The restless Universe

1 The lawful Universe

2 The clockwork Universe

3 The irreversible Universe

4 The intangible Universe

5 The uncertain Universe

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Question 1.8
Express the following numbers using scientific (powers of ten) notation:(a) 2.1 million,(b) 36 000,(c) 1/10,(d) 0.000 05.

(a) 2.1 x 106 ;(b) 3.6000 x 104 ;(c) 1.0 x 10 x-1 ;(d) 5 x 10-5 .
Each of these answers assumes a certain level of precision. For example, 2.1 million has been interpreted as 2.1 million, rather than 2.2 million, so only two digits have been retained in scientific notation; 36 000 has been interpreted as 36 000 rather than 36 001, and this greater precision is indicated by using five digits.

See Question 1.8 with its relevant text

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